If you say shit like, “I am a survivor of the abortion holocaust,” you should direct yourself to a concrete wall and bash your head into it. 

A Holocaust is destruction or slaughter on a mass scale. Since the legalization of Roe v Wade, massive amounts of human life have been taken through abortion.

I am alive because my mother still believes in the beauty and sacredness of human life. I am a survivor of a culture that has slowly begun to devalue the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves, and so are you.

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People against abortion are not pro-life. They are pro-fetus.

I swear, just name me one “pro-lifer” that actually gives a shit as soon as that baby is born.

How would you recommend showing care for a child? Volunteering? Donating to charities? Because I can assure you, most of us do just that. The very reason that we’re pro-life is because we respect the sacredness and sanctity of life at all stages. We focus on protecting those who are unable to protect themselves and instating laws that prevent the wrongful taking of innocent human life.

There are many, many laws and regulations that are in place to provide welfare for impoverished families. Many pro-life women I know also participate in foster care or education. Where are your statistics? Show me how you can prove that we ‘don’t care’.





Good Thing of the Day:

A woman tells her dad he’s going to be a granddad.

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that  picture should be a guideline for how happy we should strive to be

Look at that face! I love videos like this


After the person has the baby, what are you going to do to help raise it? Will you change its diapers? Feed it? Educate it? No, no, that’s the mother’s job, right? Then it’s also the person’s decision what they wants to do with their body. Because unless you’re going to be there for the next 18+ years helping them raise the child, you have NO SAY in what happens in those 9 months before.

Motherhood is not mandatory. Adoption is always an option.

And here I bring in an analogy I used before for a similar question: Why not? You won’t physically be there helping a victim of robbery to cope after a crime, so obviously you have no say in whether or not robbers should be allowed to rob.

Now obviously the mother is usually misguided and doesn’t have outwardly malicious intentions in abortion (most abortions are due to desperation), but my point still stands.

But since you asked, pro-life does extend to other aspects as well. There are programs in place to provide aid for single or struggling parents. There is no program to defend the unborn.

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Violence begets violence.

So on ChooseChoice, she flat out said she'd kill her born infant if she couldn't have an abortion... now a bunch of pro choicers are writing in to say they would do the same. True colors revealed?

(So I have a flood of messages that my Tumblr didn’t warn me about and I can’t tell how old any of them are, but I’m going to answer them anyway.)

In all honesty I’m not too familiar with most pro-abortion blogs, but I do hope that they were just words spoken in anger as opposed to honest convictions. Pro-abortion aren’t necessarily bad people, but the ability of some to dehumanize even born infants (not often, but proposals for ‘after birth abortions’ are not unheard of) is alarming at best.

I guess the most we can do is to keep these people in our prayers and continue defending life at all stages.

being pro-choice doesn't mean pro-aborting-every-pregnancy-ever. what's cool about pro-choice people with kids is we WANT our kids. and not everyone who's pro-choice has ever had an abortion. you don't understand jack shit. sincerely, a pro-choice woman pregnant with a planned, wanted child.

I realize that, but it also means that in times of hardship or unwanted pregnancies there is no moral stopper preventing a pro-choice individual from having an abortion. The pro-choice movement dehumanizes unborn humans to a point where it’s perfectly acceptable to kill them.

Also, no human being is ever unwanted. Life is precious regardless of whether or not it is convenient for others.

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It’s ironic, actually. Pro-life people have not been numbed to the needless murder of millions of unborn children and we have not been fooled into thinking that convenience excuses the destruction of innocent lives.

As a result, our unplanned children are rarely if ever tossed aside, while many of the more pro-choice individuals are free to simply abort when it suits them.

This is why there are so many pro-life people. We have survived and grown up learning to respect human life. The pro-life generation will only continue to spread.

It’s beautiful in a sad way, because we’re here now and we have the ability to change things. We can end abortion in the US during our lifetime. We need to speak for the family members that never survived beyond the womb or the people who would have sat beside us in school or played sports with us on a sports team. We’ll never know their names or their personalities or even how many of them there are, but we have the ability and the responsibility to stop legislation that allowed their lives to be taken and prevent more lives from being taken in the future.

Don’t give up, guys, because there’s always hope. It’s our responsibility to stand up for the unborn, because they cannot stand up for themselves.

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When I worked in the abortion industry, there were several things that I believed and didn’t believe.

1. I did not believe that I was killing babies. 
2. I did not believe that a baby in the womb was alive. 
3. I did not believe that the unborn child had any humanity. 
4. I believed that abortion was a merciful act. 
5. I believed that abortion empowered women. 
6. I believed that women did not have emotional repercussions after an abortion. 
7. I believed that I was truly helping women by providing abortions.

When you understand that these are the things sold to abortion workers by society and by the abortion industry, it makes it much easier to understand how they can do what they do. When you yourself have lived a life of terrible sin, it is easy to understand how someone can literally be blinded by it.

These workers are not evil themselves. They DO however participate in evil acts. They are misguided sinners…just like the rest of us. Thankfully, they are also reachable. God is waiting for them to come to Him. He created these men and women in His image. He wants a relationship with them.

We are their advocates at And Then There Were None - Prolife Outreach. I am happy to announce that in the past 2 weeks, we have had 10 workers reach out to us for help and healing. Conversion is real. To believe sinners can’t come to Christ is calling God a liar.

- Abby Johnson

Society has trained these workers as well as the women they work with to believe that the taking of a human life is 100% acceptable. It is our job to bring back the emphasis on the sanctity of human life and compassion to those who are victims of the callousness in modern society.