Be very careful what you wish for, pro-choicers.

The pro-life movement has long put post-abortive women front and center. The faith-based group Silent No More is the most prominent in this arena, although there are others. These women speak about their experiences and urge people in crisis pregnancies not to make the same mistakes they did.

Abortion advocacy groups don’t like this portrayal of post-abortive women. They dismiss stories from women with regrets as coming from “the right”(which I find kind of hilarious given that the first pro-life post-abortion talk I ever heard came from a lesbian Buddhist member of the Green Party, but that’s a story for another day). They decry “abortion stigma,” and urge post-abortive women to tell “blithe and unapologetic" stories. That’s been their position for years, but they seem to be making a renewed effort now, riding on the coattails of the Emily Letts video.

Let me be abundantly clear. I do believe that abortion should be stigmatized. But women who have abortions should not be. This is exactly the balance that groups like Silent No More strike. Clearly people do not invite Silent No More speakers to pro-life events for the purpose of stigmatizing or demonizing them. The point is to learn from what they have to say.

During my years in the pro-life movement, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many post-abortive women. Some I call friends: they are courageous, kind, wonderful people. No two have exactly the same abortion story. Some aborted out of financial desperation; some were coerced by abusive boyfriends; some were lied to by their doctors about their baby’s development. When I learn that someone has had an abortion, I make no assumptions.

None of that is good news for our loyal opposition. How’s their “stigma-busting” project going? Have they had any significant media breakthroughs?…

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How could you say there are too many children? That’s like saying there are too many flowers.
—Mother Teresa  (via shine-like-lights)
‎Defend the unborn against abortion even if they persecute you, calumniate you, set traps for you, take you to court or kill you. No child should be deprived of the right to be born, the right to be fed, the right to go to school.
—Pope Francis (via shine-like-lights)

This was certainly my thinking when I was pro-abortion…They reflect the way the abortion issue is thought about and discussed by their parents, their peers, their legislators, and the media, which is for them and many of the rest of us the very cultural air we breathe.

That’s it exactly. And the pervasive denial is based on feelings. With approximately 40 million abortions since 1973, what are the chances that you don’t know someone who has been involved in an abortion? Your best friend, your next-door neighbor, that nice lady at the bakery ….

I think we can only turn this tide one heart, one post-abortive woman, one person who loves another person, at a time. But as long as adults are living in such feeling-based denial, kids will keep breathing that same deadly cultural air and the irrational thinking will be perpetuated because we cannot face who and what we are.

- Karen Edmisten

» Pro Life?


Are you pro life? Do you not support the rights of women choosing whether or not if they want to bare their OWN child? Well if you are pro life…you might as well hold up signs against the people killing the animals to serve as food. Hold up signs against the people who go hunting for deer or other animals in the wild. Why not hold up signs against war? Pro life is about all living things. We care more about the choices someone else makes in their life rather than the choices we make in our own life. I am pro choice…because frankly what someone else chooses to do with their life is none of our business. We wouldn’t want someone else telling us how to live and forcing us to make certain choices. It’s none of our business.If you do not do the same thing for the other things i listed like you do for abortion, then you are not pro life. But then again, what does holding a sign actually change? Nothing.

Humans don’t own other humans. This entire argument works under the assumption that there is only one person involved in abortion when in reality there is another life which has already been formed and needs to be protected.

The choice on whether or not to become pregnant happens before pregnancy occurs. After pregnancy, you can’t choose between pregnancy and not being pregnant— you choose between pregnancy and terminating the life that already exists. That is a gross violation of basic human rights.

And in regards to the meat-eating and war argument… the pro-life movement is exclusive to abortion, but yes, a pro-life person could also be against meat-eating, hunting, and war. This is not necessary to be pro-life, or against abortion.

» I think I’ve figured out why I’m pro life and I think it’s possibly not a shitty reason


I’ve done some studying and it’s beginning to look more and more to me that fetuses are, in fact, persons. 

You’re getting some really disgusting responses to this and I wanted to let you know that you’re a really awesome person. I can only hope that these people will one day open their eyes to the mass destruction of innocent life.

» To all the homophobic and pro lifers


Okay everything is how God wants it, its his choice if he wants a woman to get pregnant its also his choice if the woman aborts the fetes, God made everything how he wants it, he made some people gay and some people strait he made some people bi he made some people pan and sometimes he puts people in the wrong body. Everything he did is how he wants it so stop judging people for how they are its how God wants it. (I know I didn’t put all the sexuality’s but I hope you understand what I’m saying) 

One of the most basic Christian beliefs is that God gives us free will.

By that logic, when a murderer shoots someone it’s because God wants it. He doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want us to sin. He doesn’t want us to shoot a random kid on the street. But He’s not going to stop us from doing it.

"IVF is already riddled with moral conundrums, not the least of which is the “selective reduction” abortions that often follow an overly successful IVF procedure (where a woman aborts one or more of multiple babies she has unwittingly conceived). There is also the problem of fertilized human zygotes (aka little humans) who are not selected for implantation being simply discarded without a second thought as to their intrinsic value as humans.

It comes as little surprise, for a procedure that is wont to constantly and consistently put the desires and preferences of parents before the humanity of their children, that the newest contribution to IVF science involves ravaging the bodies of murdered babies for their spoils.

That’s right, people: dead baby girls who have been the victims of abortion are now being utilized for their eggs….”

~ Lauren Enriquez, Live Action News, April 2

This is not a new idea. According to a 1994 New York Times article discussing ovary/egg transplant from aborted children, “A 10-week-old female fetus has already made all its eggs, about six million to seven million.”

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They haven’t eliminated murder, they just call it by a different name.

- The Giver

We do the same in society today!  We call the murder of the unborn in the womb “choice” “abortion” “termination of a pregnancy” etc.  But we, as a society, should call it for what it truly is - murdering our own people before they even had a choice to say what they want to do with their own body.

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I hate pro-lifers. You guys force females to have children they don't want. All you care about is the child being born. You don't care what happens next. If the female dies,and the child has a terrible life, that's ok apparently.


Pro-lifers are not rapists - we are not forcing women to become pregnant. We’re simply trying to apply the same human rights that people have after they’re born to the period of their life that they spend growing inside of their mothers’ wombs. Why? Because it’s wrong to kill innocent humans, no matter where they are or how old they are or what they’re capable of doing.

Yes, we care about the child being born (as opposed to being murdered), but we also care about the mother being cared for and having the support she needs to make it through the pregnancy and the journey of raising her children. We care about the quality of life that child will have as they grow up. Understand this: just because we don’t believe death is the solution to poverty and suffering, doesn’t mean we don’t care about ending poverty and suffering. Anyone who doesn’t is not truly “pro-life.”

Regardless of their situation, everyone deserves to have their right to life respected, and to be given the opportunity to overcome their circumstances. Every life matters.