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To the little ones and (everyone else of course):

Your value isn’t determined by what you do and what you can’t do. It isn’t determined by how you are fed. It isn’t determined by where you dwell. It isn’t determined by your size.  It isn’t determined by the size of your heart. The size of your brain. The size of your feet. The size of your hands. By your ability to speak. It isn’t determined by how quickly you can move. It isn’t determined by your cognitive abilities. Your ability to plan for the future. Your ability to make a decision. It isn’t determined by the colour of your skin. The colour of your hair. The colour of your eyes. Your gender. It isn’t determined by who doesn’t love you.

Because you are simply human, I will fight for your life.

To give you the chance to be spoon-fed by your mother. To give you the chance to live in a home and sleep in a crib. To give you the chance to grow inches tall. To give you the chance to experience your heart racing when someone kisses you. To give you the chance to read, write, and do math. To give you the chance to wear size 1 when your small and size 10 when your tall. To give you the chance to play the guitar. To give you the chance to walk on sand. To give you the chance to plan a career. To give you the chance to choose right. To give you the chance to be proud of your skin colour, hair colour, and eye colour. To give you the chance to find someone who will love you for all these things and more.


دوما 13 4 2014 دفن الشهيدة منيرة الصوفي

We apologize to our viewers for publishing such clip; unfortunately, we find that it is critical for the outside world to be aware of the truth since the regime in Syria prevents the media from entering Syria to obtain full coverage of its crimes against humanity torturing the civilians who are demanding freedom

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I saw something yesterday that bothered me, I saw a bumper sticker that said you can't be Catholic and pro-abortion. Catholics aren't all about embracing life.


There’s a whole tumblr dedicated to being Catholic and for choice and they are awesome! Highly recommend everyone check them out! [forthecatholicgirls] - Paige

By definition, one cannot be Catholic and for abortion. By being Catholic one acknowledges the infallibility of the Pope when it comes to matters of faith and morality— and the doctrine known as Evangelium Vitae, or the Seamless Garment, clearly states that any form of abortion, murder, or the death penalty except in extreme cases is morally abhorrent. So, yes, Catholics are all about embracing life— but many, unfortunately, do not, and continue to call themselves Catholic while picking and choosing the parts of the faith that they find fits with their worldview.

Pro-choice CINO politicians, who pass legislation that allows for the mass taking of human life, are frequently not allowed to receive Communion due to the fact that Communion can only be received if one is in clear conscience and they are well known to have violated the sixth commandment.

In other words, Catholicism does not accept abortion in any way, shape, or form, and being pro-abortion is strongly against Catholic teaching. People may continue to call themselves Catholic, but they are in essence denying the sanctity of human life.

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Stop guilt tripping women. Everyone has the right to decide what happens to their body. Not your body. Not your decision.


Everyone has the right to decide what happens to their body. Not your body. Not your decision.

This is exactly my message to anyone who thinks they have the right to tear apart their living son or daughter’s body*, and it’s why I will never stop fighting to end human abortion.

*tw: blood & gore

Another abortion clinic closed. Congratulations, Canada!

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My thoughts exactly.

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The Memorial to the Missing at the Baptist Building stands in mute testimony to the 50 million lives that have been lost to legalized abortion since 1973. Each penny in the Memorial represents one of the 50 million babies that has been killed since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down state abortion laws and opened the door to abortion nationwide during the entire nine months of pregnancy.

 The coins not only represent aborted babies but “the difficult process of decision-making, fear and loneliness” involved with abortion. It asks passersby to “stop, pray, consider what we are doing as a nation, ask God to forgive us, seek ways to help those who are struggling with the decision and look to the Lord to restore each of us.

When the Memorial is finally emptied, the total donations to the campaign will be placed in a special account with the Mississippi Baptist Foundation to be used for pro-life programs and causes.

(Photos by William H. Perkins Jr.)


Slowly but surely.

Stand for life.

(Source: cultureshift)

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Abortion, though, is not merely withholding treatment. It is actively taking another human being’s life through poisoning or dismemberment.

Gregory Koukl,

Quote taken from Unstringing the Violinist (Koukl’s analysis and rebuttal of Judith Jarvis Thompson’s “Violinist” argument that acknowledges personhood of the unborn while she still argues for abortion on demand.)

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Somebody asked me "You're in high level biology classes, so of course you believe that an embryo isn't really life yet." No buddy. It reaffirms my belief that life begins at conception, and I will never be convinced that it doesn't


The science of embryological development isn’t pro life it’s just fact. It is a fact that, as you said, can only strengthen the pro life viewpoint.

Life begins at conception. At conception a new and unique human being is formed.

it may not have legal personhood but it’s still a human being. There’s no stage of life where you are not a human being. You are always the exact same human being from the second of conception to your last dying breath.

Not really a difficult concept in my opinion. - gabbie