Remember when I was new to tumblr and I called an unwanted fetus a parasite and lots of people (mostly pro lifers I think) jumped on me for it and I was just an sj noob so I actually felt horrible and apologized for it

well, now that I’m more educated in the abortion debate and when it comes to the behavior of fetuses…





No one really considers an unborn animal or human to be a parasite unless they’re trying to justify killing them.

Parasites are of a different species whereas pregnancy is the natural result of sexual activity and, believe it or not, results in a new human life who’s actually really valuable and worth protecting.


Pregnancy is a completely different process and serves a completely different purpose than parasitism.

This is a really illogical argument and I’m getting a bit peeved with it, in all honesty. A fetus is the result of sexual activities and the combination of two gametes, one of which- surprise- is naturally provided by the mother.

I mean if you want to be pro-choice fine, but please use logical arguments instead of comparing less developed human beings to parasites to justify killing. This is literal dehumanization.


"My stress level was up above my head…and it suddenly struck me…"I can have an abortion”, and I have to tell you to be totally honest, all my stress went away. It was like taking a miracle drug. All of a sudden, I felt fine. It was such a psychological relief that it verged on being right. How could anything that feels so good not be right? …The subjective convenience was so strong that it made me overlook everything else.”

Linda Couri — CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist


I’m so sick of seeing pro-life supporters ignore awful awful things, but STILL continue to “Pray for a cure” or “Pray that God will end ______.”

I respect your religion. I do. But this fucking shit makes me so so angry. 

If you’re so Pro-Life, why don’t you fucking support those who are poor, who can’t afford to have god damn children,  PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING? Or does that not qualify as life to you?

No. Of course it doesn’t. If its out of the womb, then of course you don’t care. How silly of me to think otherwise.

your sources astound me.

i can’t argue.

… but for real, why do people say these things? is it really okay to spout unsupported statistics when it benefits you?


We’ve all see it, and many of you have probably done it.  Many celebrities, politicians and even priests have done it.  There is a great amount of good that comes about from furthering awareness of such a terrible disease.  Since July 29th, $5.5 million has been raised for ALS research. The problem that I have the with ALS Ice Bucket challenge is that the ALS Association is a supporter of embryonic stem cell research.


My boyfriend’s parents recently showed him pictures of his birth parents, and tonight he showed them to me. I almost cried looking at his birth mother’s face.

She was 17 when she had him, and I think she was so brave to give birth to him and find adoptive parents for him.

I’m just astounded at how much gratitude I can have for a woman I’ve never met because she saved the life of a person I love.

God, thank you for John, and thank you for the woman who gave him life as well as for the wonderful people who raised him.

It isn't even a baby in the womb, it's a fetus and it definitely does not feel pain.


Yes, around 7 weeks until birth, the human being inside the mother’s womb is called a fetus.  It is still a person - a living being.

I’m just saying you can’t speak for the fetus, and maybe I can’t either.  There has been scientific evidence supporting both sides of the argument, and I’m just giving a voice to the voiceless because whether you want to admit it or not, the human being living inside of the mother deserves to be treated with respect, especially if it is feeling pain inside of her (whether it’s from abortive procedures or not).

» I just saved a life.


A woman who was going to get an abortion decided against it after I talked to her about her other options and a bunch of other thoughts she had going through her head. Her partner supports her decision. I’ve been talking to her for a week, and if she decided differently in 4 hours her unborn child would be dead. She inspires me, and I could not be happier.



79% of parents report their outlook on life is more positive because of their child with Down syndrome.

99% of adults with Down syndrome report they are happy with their lives, 97% like who they are, and 96% like how they look.

^^ Ironic isn’t it? Considering how the rest of us schmucks seem to be unhappy with our lives and who we are and how we look. - comment added by me

And yet, 9 out of 10 babies who are diagnosed with a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis are terminated. That’s 90%.

And for the scared, hurting parents who just received an overwhelming diagnosis — they’re not processing the facts that if quality of life is the only consideration here, this baby will make everything in their life a whole lot better.

Read full article by Lauren at Sipping Lemonade


Amazing Video Shows Heart of Fetus Beating at SEVEN Weeks

A baby’s heart begins to beat 18 days from conception, and by 21 days the heart is pumping blood through a closed circulatory system. During pregnancy, just SEVEN weeks after fertilization, the heart beats about 170 times per minute. At 8 weeks from conception, a baby’s heartbeat can be detected by ultrasonic stethoscope.

And yet…

89-92% of all abortions happen during the first trimester, prior to the 13th week of gestation (Guttmacher Institute)